Urban Architecture Festival

Granada is the city that hosts the first edition of TAC! The festival pavilion is located in Plaza del Humilladero from 14 October to 14 November 2022.

What is TAC?!


Urban Architecture Festival

TAC! is an annual festival, organized by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, which promotes innovation and experimentation in architecture through the construction of a temporary pavilion in different Spanish cities.

The festival unites contemporary architecture, young practice, and open dialogue on the urban and social aspects of architecture through meetings and cultural activities around the pavilion.

Granada is the city that hosts the first edition of TAC!

AIRE pavilion by P+S Estudio de Arquitectura is the result of an international competition and can be found in Plaza del Humilladero from October 14 to November 14, 2022

TAC! Pavillion

Pavillion Photography: Imagen Subliminal
(Rocío Romero + Miguel de Guzmán) + Javier Callejas

of P+S Architecture Studio

The AIRE pavilion, built from the imaginary of the ephemeral, the fragile, and the immaterial, alludes to one of the most essential and intangible elements of architecture.

An image that reflects the condition of the unfinished or half-done architecture.

The spatial strategy of the pavilion simulates the action of containing the air that defines an indeterminate space, open to the multiple needs of both TAC! Urban Architecture Festival, as well as the city of Granada and its people; promotes the transformation and adaptability of space, without requiring major operations other than opening or closing the fragile limit that defines it.


TAC! 2022

TAC! festival programme, carried out by the City Council of Granada, represents the cultural diversity inherent in the city: activities that promote the social, professional and cultural revitalization of a creative city such as Granada. The most innovative proposals will transform the AIRE pavilion into an open space in the Plaza del Humilladero from the modernity of contemporary languages: festivals, exhibitions, cinema, music, literature, architecture…

It is, in short, a small summary of what a city like Granada generates throughout the year and that it transfers, on a small scale, to that urban world that has been created with the TAC! festival. 

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Open Call
For Proposals

Call for proposals to become a TAC! city

The Urban Architecture Festival TAC! will be held each year in a different Spanish city to bring the most contemporary architecture and the talent of young architects closer to the entire Spanish geography.

We open the call to be Ciudad TAC! 2023, until November 7, present your call.

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Call For Proposals for 2023 pavillion design

Coming soon

The General Directorate of Urban Agenda and Architecture of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in collaboration with the Arquia Foundation, will convene this ideas’ competition in 2023 aimed at young architects aged up to 45 years.