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Urban Architecture Festival

València and Donostia-San Sebastián are the TAC! 2023 Cities, both share the objective of uniting contemporary architecture and creativity with public space through an approach to young talent.

What is TAC?!


Urban Architecture Festival

TAC! is an annual festival, organized by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, which promotes innovation and experimentation in architecture through the construction of a temporary pavilion in different Spanish cities.

The festival unites contemporary architecture, young practice, and open dialogue on the urban and social aspects of architecture through meetings and cultural activities around the pavilion.

Granada is the city that hosted the first edition of TAC! whose AIRE pavilion by P+S Estudio de Arquitectura, the result of an international competition, was located in the Plaza del Humilladero from October 14 to November 14, 2022.

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda with the Arquia Foundation has announced that the second edition of TAC! will take place in October 2023 and that the host cities will be València and Donostia-San Sebastián. Both proposals will also open a reflection on the role of architecture in the challenges facing the urban environment in the current context of climate emergency.

Framework of the competition

TAC! 2023

An open talk on the role of architecture in the current climate emergency context

Valencia and Donostia-San Sebastian are the TAC! 2023 Cities. Both municipalities propose to reflect on the challenges of the climate emergency in the urban environment.Architecture will be a tool for social transformation in public spaces.

For its project, València, in collaboration with the Las Naves innovation centre, has proposed the València Climate Mission initiative as a focal point, with a commitment to boost creativity, innovation, and talent attraction, as part of its Missions València 2030 strategy. This Mission in turn is one of the four priority areas of the València European Green Capital 2024 project, together with the improvement of the city’s green infrastructure, sustainable mobility and the recovery of public space, as well as healthy eating.

Against an urgent backdrop due to climate change, Donostia-San Sebastián proposes to explore the theme defined for the fourth edition of the MUGAK International Architecture Biennial of the Basque Country: Rebuild, Reinhabit, Rethink (based in turn on the concepts developed by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger).

All this, in the midst of the emergence of organisations, companies, institutions, collectives, architecture studios, and new talent, who propose to understand the design of spaces in terms of sustainability, inclusivity, and care for the environment. This involves new ways of understanding architecture and its range of disciplines.

Open Call
for proposals

Call for design proposals for the pavillions

The Directorate General of Urban Agenda and Architecture of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in collaboration with the Arquia Foundation, is organising this call for ideas aimed at young architects up to the age of 45. Its purpose is to create a temporary pavilion for one of the two locations and that will also provide a space for cultural and leisure activities in the city.

Following the jury’s decision, the creators of the winning proposal will receive a prize of €12,000 (VAT taxes included) and will be able to carry out the project with an estimated base budget of €90,000 (VAT taxes included) for the construction of the pavilion, which may be increased with sponsorship contributions.

Call for proposals to become a TAC! city

The TAC! Urban Architecture Festival will be held every year in a different Spanish city in order to bring the most contemporary architecture and the talent of young architects to every corner of Spain.

The programme will open a call for proposals for city councils to host the temporary pavilion, more details will be announced soon.


Plaza Músico López-Chávarri, a square that is not a square

The València pavilion will be located in the Plaza Músico López-Chávarri from 25 September to 16 October. This square is located in the heart of El Carmen, the most popular neighbourhood in the historic centre. It is an urban gap around which life goes on as normal, among houses, bars, shops, some municipal facilities, etc. Urban and, above all, night-time activity comes to the fore, but does not linger.

This place forms part of a network
of small squares and streets in the neighbourhood, where, thanks to its orientation and location, it becomes a perfect link with the surrounding area.

Sagüés, between boundaries and meeting

The San Sebastián pavilion will be located in Sagüés from 10 October to 13 November. This esplanade is a space between the urban and the natural where the sea, the mountains, and the city meet, in a topography where the beauty and ruggedness of the rough terrain emerges. It is the end of a seafront that, through its promenade, connects with the city of San Sebastián, in an unfinished place with a strong local identity.

It is a unique meeting place where families, surfers, skateboarders and passers-by enjoy the sun and the



Integration into the environment. Urban quality of the strategy adopted, analysing the treatment of the surrounding spaces, and their possible connection.


Spatial relevance of the proposal with versatile development to enable its use. Architectural quality.


Principles of the circular economy and promotion of sustainable materials with minimal impact, from renewable resources, recycled materials, etc.


Durability and maintenance, or reuse, with partial or complete second lives possible.


Technical and economical feasibility of the project.
Capacity to be mobile.


Constructive integrity and coherence, allowing a rational and economically feasible strategy for construction and subsequent maintenance to be devised.


The prizes described above will be awarded for each of the host cities. This amount corresponds to the professional fees for the subsequent commissioning of the production and assembly of the planned installation. All awards include VAT taxes. 








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